Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pick up the phone

In today's business world, even with all the advancements in recent technology, the telephone (not to be confused with the cell phone) is still an integral part of communication, and perhaps the most important one.

Physical interactions have become an inconvenience lately, especially due to gas prices not dropping significantly, and emails can take too much time.  By the time you expect a response from an email you sent, the recipient might only have started to read it The same can be said for text messages.

Voice to voice communication isn't physical, but it is instant, which is more the reason why it needs to be taken seriously, and treated in a dignified manner.  For example, you can't answer the phone and greet someone with a simple and reluctant 'hello?' can you? (hint:  the answer is no).  Identify yourself, and your company!   Make the caller feel welcome, even if they're not physically there.

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