Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Online coupons to future customers

While coupons have come under fire lately as larger retailers and businesses have begun to break down the effectiveness of coupons, it does not mean that they cannot still be used. What can be hard is getting the coupons out to the public so people see them. Where you could pay to have it printed in a local publication or scatter fliers to business partners and local community boards, many businesses have chosen to go the way of online coupons.

 Sites like Groupon and LivingSocial have tried to make coupons to attract customers or social media contacts to small businesses. This is not without its own challenges. Sometimes businesses do not take into account that the purpose of the sale is to drive future business, not to only have a single successful event. That event can be costly as well, in some cases the time and resources cost exceeds the cost of the item when the coupon is used. This is not an attempt to dissuade any business from using these sites or coupons but simply as a precaution that things can go wrong.

 You can read the entire article from Entrepreneur.comhere.