Monday, March 5, 2012

Ideas for your business

A venn diagram
Typically when you come up with an idea it comes to you in a flash.  The light goes on, the sum adds up, lighting crashes and you have it.  When you are trying to come up with new ideas for a business, you do not have the time to wait for your inspiration.  You have to take steps to come to it, it will not come to you.

To assist in this process, Alex Bruton of the Mount Royal University has created an 'idea sketch pad' to help his students, and everyone else, start to formulate ideas for business.  This is the preliminary thinking that is helpful for later writing a business plan.

The toolkit uses venn diagrams (see post picture) and honest self-assessments to see how small ideas can lead to bigger ones.  This could be helpful to start a business or re-imagine your business into something new.  Take a look at it to see how working through your ideas can lead to more ideas.

Bruton has all of his tools free on his website.