Monday, March 19, 2012

Business from the heart

When you are working for another person or another company, there is always the chance that you do not really like your job.  That may be an obvious statement but when you work for yourself, you hope that it turns out differently.  Working in a field that you enjoy working in, it may not feel like you are going to work, it can feel like fun instead.

An article from talks about turning your passion into your job.  This does not mean that it will be any easier to run a business, but you can at the very least have some fun doing it.  It is never just about passion, you have to make decisions which help you get to that goal and will help you continue on into the future.  Finding other people to work with that feel the same way can also help you work better.  In the end, if you are going to feel something about where you work, should it not be a positive feeling?

You can read the entire article from here.