Friday, February 24, 2012

What's in a name?

Having a name for your business can direct a lot of attention either favorably or not.  You have to be sure that the name that you give your future venture is something that people can remember, relate to and even spell!

Taking the time to pick a name may involve more than your surname and 's before what you do.  It has to be a unique name which stands out to allow people to drive by a sign, see it online and have some sense of the professional nature that you bring to your business.

Taking time to imagine how the name will be used may affect what it turns out to be.  If you get it on a business card, a bag, even a coffee cup, will a 15 word name fit?  If you choose a name that is clever pun or inside joke, will people get it or will they ignore it because it does not make sense to them?

Consider all of these possibilities and for additional help check out this article on