Monday, February 13, 2012


Having a financial forecast is one of the steps in running a small business.  Conveying that information takes time.  Personal shorthand and quotes kept in your head do not always translate to another person.  To get around this, using a spreadsheet program to display information is helpful to communicate with other people.  Especially investors.

You want to have a document which displays the information which you have compiled in a simple, positive light.  If it is confusing to follow or has gaps in details, it is more likely they will take their money elsewhere.  By taking the time to learn a spreadsheet program, you can display financial information in a simple straightforward way or choose to add some flair in colorful charts and graphs.

Getting an investor interested does not have to be limited to just what you are selling, you are selling yourself as well.

Read more on using a spreadsheet like Excel to display information at: How to Create an Enchanting Financial Forecast.