Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New cabinet member Karen Mills speaks on radio

On January 13, Karen Mills, the 23rd administrator of the Small Business Association (SBA) was given a seat in President Obama's cabinet.  This is the first time that the SBA has had a direct line of communication with the president of the United States.
Aside from her new duties, Mills has taken the time to speak on WNYC radio on February 9 as a guest on the Brian Lehrer Show to talk about future opportunities for small business.
“Small business really is the backbone of the economy, half of the people who work in this country either work or own a small business and 2 out of every 3 jobs are created.” Mills said in response to a question from the radio host asking what the responsibility of the government is to small business.
Mill continued, “In the role of government our job is to put the wind at the back of small businesses, [the] government doesn’t make the jobs, the small businesses do…” 
After speaking with the host, Mills responded to several call-ins to the show from listeners and their particular concerns about small business.  Mills urged anyone looking to start a small business to contact their local SBA for assistance.
When asked about her posting to the cabinet Mills responded, “…President Obama understands small business…it is one of the reasons we at the SBA have been able to be so effective putting help in the hands of small business.  It is a great honor.”