Monday, February 6, 2012

Anyone can make the wrong choice

While small business does not have the support or the foothold of a larger company, it does not mean that there is any less of a chance that an action could be taken in the wrong direction.  Social media will not replace every aspect of an advertising plan, but it still can be a part of it.  If it is free, used by millions, so taking advantage of it to get a foothold can be a start to something larger.

P & G decided to not take advantage of social media options, like advertising on Facebook.  This is after spending $10 billion on their annual advertising budget, up 24% in the past 2 years.  This is on the heels of delaying the release of a new product, long enough that competitors have been able to create similar products. 

Read the full article: P & G to lay off 1,600 after discovering it's free to advertise on Facebook.