Monday, January 30, 2012

Small businesses should be more like whom?

If there was ever going to be an example of what a small business should be more like, the Beatles probably would not appear on the list.  While a band is not the same as running a small business, the effort to make it successful and well-known is the goal that they both strive for.  By using the same tactics and outlook that made the Beatles succeed with a meteoric rise, a small business can set a foundation that a future can be built on.

The author, John Greathouse, speaks of several ways that improving how a business is built from the ground up can affect how it will eventually succeed.  Greathouse says that first of all, a drive to succeed within realistic goals can allow for future exploration of what can be done with a business.  Second, assembling a varied group of individuals to start from will allow the business to thrive, with everyone working on the same aspect in the same manner can be harmful.  Greathouse continues with several other key points that could help a small business owner make a structured plan for the future, with the foundation to continue building success.

Screaming hordes of fans may or may not follow.

Read the full article, Be the Beatles, Not a Flock of Seagulls.