Wednesday, January 25, 2012

26 Tips for Writing Great Blog Posts

For whatever reason, really loves the number 26 for the tips with social media. We at the SBDC do as well, as it brings many insights forth that we didn't think of, and as we are constantly seeking to improving, implement a lot of these blog strategies into our own blog posts. The article lists simple things, such as having an eye-catching title, watching word count, supplying an image, and tagging your posts with keywords. Other creative tips include having a 'Editorial Calendar' to track the posts you are using as well as the keywords, providing your name and role at the institution within the post, and including outbound hyperlinks. All of these have shown better overall metrics for your blog. Start by trying to implement 2 or 3 of these tips, and go from there. Happy blogging!

For all 26 tips for writing great blog posts, click here: