Wednesday, December 28, 2011

8 Things a Person's Resume Won't Tell You

Even with LinkedIn, resumes are still the industry standard to review a prospective employee's skills, experience, and educational background. However, there are plenty of intangibles that a piece of paper can't tell you about an employee. Traits such as work ethic, ambition, moral integrity, and charisma are all things that have to be determined through careful interviewing.

Based on what you are looking for in your employee, it is important to cater interview questions that cater to certain personality traits. If you are looking for an employee with charisma, have them answer a question about their relationships with employers at other jobs, such as a custodian or secretary. These things are important to determine, as a resume is only one small piece of the hiring process.

To view the entire article and infographic on the 8 traits that a resume can't illustrate, click here.