Friday, November 4, 2011

Nine Reasons Your Site isn't Driving Sales

Have you found that over the course of time that your company's website sales are either plateauing or declining? This happens to a lot of small business websites, but many times this trend can be reversed. This article points out some of the common mispractices of having a business website.

These include "Not having updated your website since the Bush era (even if it's the second term)", "Putting creativity before clarity", and "Failing to capilitalize on Search Engine Optimization". Often times, as a consumer, I am turned off by a website that is littered with technical jargon and essentially comes off as an in-house sales pitch.

As a human, I like to know the people I'm buying from is human too. So talk like a human on your website. Customer interaction is key for any sale. Be clear. Be professional. Make me want to buy something from you.

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