Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Niche Social Networks Deliver Big Results for Brands

Facebook. LinkedIn. Blogs. Twitter. We've certainly heard of most or all of those social networks, because quite simply, they are by far the most popular numerically speaking.

However, as with any type of marketing, social media marketing is not always measured by the number of connections, but rather the quality of the connections. Are any of the leads generating business for your company? You can have 3,000 followers on Twitter, but if you are a sandwich shop in Pennsylvania, how much good does having 50 followers in California do you?

The point is, there are plenty of lesser-known, niche social media networks. These niche communities could be just what your small business needs to generate 'quality over quantity' relationships. Keep in mind, people in these networks don't respond well to advertising messages. Rather, you should get to know the culture of the niche network and use it to leverage your brand.

For examples of these niche social networks, and how they can be used to brand your product, click here.