Friday, November 11, 2011

Nearly Half of Small Businesses use Social Media for Marketing

At the Kutztown SBDC, we like to keep our data as updated as possible, so when we found the results of this very recent survey, we wanted to inform the small business community of the quickly growing trend of social media marketing.

Sure, we can give timely articles about helping a small business's social media presence and give ideas on how to improve, but it is the raw data about business trends that really exemplifies the growth in this sector. And to see the growth from 33% to 46% in the use of social media in marketing in a year...that's saying something!

Be sure to download the SMB survey results, as it graphs which social media outlets are most popular, as well as what functions of those different media sites are most popular. (Messages, status updates, photos, etc.)

To view the results of this survey of 1180 small businesses, click here .