Wednesday, November 9, 2011

InBound Marketing vs. OutBound Marketing

The times, they are a-changing! Inbound marketing is becoming the preferred way to reach the customer. What is inbound marketing? It's a marketing strategy of getting found by customers. Rather than the 'beg' 'bug' and 'buy' strategy implemented by outbound marketing where materials are pushed on customers, marketers 'earn' their way into customers by providing information on a blog, special deals on twitter, etc.

With inbound marketing, communication is interactive and two-way. Customers come to you, and you seek to educate and entertain. Outbound marketing (which is also now much more expensive, as the infographic will show) often has communication as one-way, and customers are sought out via print, tv, or email ads. As the infographic will show, 61% of marketers will spend more on inbound marketing this year, all the while, it will cost 62% LESS than outbound marketing.

This change is simply something to consider as a small business. Outbound marketing still may be the most effective marketing technique for your company, but it never hurts to be aware of the other options.

Click here to view the infographic to get a better idea of the difference between the two marketing strategies and which one could most help your small business.