Friday, October 21, 2011

Why QR codes are failing

qrcodeA month or two, we did a post on QR codes, or quick response codes. They look like the symbol to the right, and can be scanned by any bar code scanner on a smart phone or Android. Based on the QR code, scanning them will lead the consumer to a website or provide a message.

In theory, it seems like a great tool to can fit on a business card, product, newsletter, billboard, etc. However, as the following article shows, the QR code is failing. Why? Mainly because people don't know what it is! The blog author went out on the streets of San Francisco with a QR code, and if people could identify what it was, they would win a prize.

A measly 12% knew it was a QR code, and 29% new it was some kind of 'bar code thing'. Of the incorrect responses were: something written in Korean, an overhead map of San Francisco, and a secret military code. Clearly Americans (even tech-saavy ones) just don't know about QR codes. So keep in mind if you are to use these in your marketing efforts, make sure your customers know how to access them and what they do!

For the entire article on failing QR codes, click here.