Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How are companies screening potential candidates using social networks?

The heading of this blog post has been a pretty controversial topic within the realm of the hiring process.

Is it ethical/moral to look at someone's personal Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn page as part of the hiring process? Can the candidate then turn it into a legal issue if they are not hired? If you do look at a person's profile, what things should you look for in both the positive and the negative?

Reppler did a survey of 300 questions that answers these questions and more. Perhaps the most staggering statistic is that 91% of companies did look at a prospective candidates social networking site. So perhaps if you own a small business and are looking for help, you should consider doing this too.

It's the wild west out there right now with social media, as there hasn't been groundwork laid out with these kind of topics. But if you do plan on screening a candidates profile, perhaps you should notify this before the interview process begins, just to cover your bases.

For the entire article on how companies are using social media to screen candidates