Friday, October 7, 2011

73 tips for getting Twitter and Facebook Fans

No folks, that's not a typo. Normally there are lists of 5, 10, maybe even 15 tips. But here we have 73 tips!! Normally, especially with blogs, more is not always better. But in the case of thise article, the 73 tips are compiled by marketing and social media experts, with headers such as 'Useless Chatter=Noise, Junk Content' and 'Balance interesting and interested'. Try to look at maybe 5-10 a day.

At the Kutztown SBDC, we find that many small business owners just want to know 'How do I get more followers?' or 'How do I get more likes on Facebook?'

While not all of the following tips will be applicable for every business, take two or three of the ones you find most helpful, and try to implement them in your social media strategy.

So go on, don't let the large number intimidate you, you'll thank us later!

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