Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What does it mean to have 'Viral' content?

No, we aren't talking about content that will cause the stomach flu, but rather online content (often video) that spreads like wildfire throughout the internet by peaking interest and then is shared through social  media and tweeting (sometimes viral video even makes it on the homepages of MSN and Yahoo).

Imagine what creating a piece of viral content can do for your company! Consider it a form of guerilla marketing, but on the web. If a video goes 'viral', it creates a world of buzz (be it good or bad) for a certain company. However, there are a lot of very creative videos that never go viral. So what are the keys to creating something that takes off virally?

It all starts with a creative concept. Something that you can draw people to. Something you can post on a Facebook page or tweet about. It's got to peak interest--something big, something out of the box. What you title your viral video or article is important as well. Would you rather see a video entitled "Unbreakable Cell Phone test" or a video entitled "Cell Phone vs. Eighteen Wheeler".
Below is an example of a viral video:

This is a video about a musician who had his guitar broken while flying United. So, he did what a creative musician does, create a song about it. As of today, there were nearly 11 million views. Imagine what United would've paid to have 11,000,000 people view a piece of positive marketing rather than a complaint video.

Here's a silly rap video done by a owner of a flea market. It essentially is just a video of a guy singing in his store, probably low budget. Now with over 7 million views on youtube, his silly video has paid off for absolutely no marketing cost while generating tons of exposure.

For more advice on what makes content 'viral' read an article on