Friday, August 19, 2011

Why get LinkedIn premium?

As over 100 million business owners and professionals alike have realized, LinkedIn is becoming a social media juggernaut for professional networking and recruiting.

Its tools allow you to connect with companies to conduct business with, screen resumes for candidates, have someone write a recommendation for you, and provide many other business networking related features. But LinkedIn also offers LinkedIn premium for $20.00 a month. Why should you pay for the premium? Here are some features to think about:

  • You will receive advanced search capabilities and the possibility to get more search results visible than with the free account, something that is great for identifying prospects or potential partners
  • Profile organizer, which allows you to add the equivalent of tags, but not just on my first degree contacts, to anyone on LinkedIn. This is useful for remembering prospects, or people whose profile you find interesting for any sort of reason.
  • Free InMails which allow me to contact any the people identified if they're not part of my network (though the number is limited and you need to pay if you want to use more than your allocation).
  • You become an OpenLink member, which allows anyone even outside of your network, to send you a message for free (no need to payfor an InMail). This is great for the ease of being contacted by prospects, reduce barriers to contact as much as possible.

Consider these reasons if you are looking for the potential value of Linkedin premium.