Monday, July 18, 2011

The Kutztown SBDC blog is evolving!

The Kutztown SBDC blog will now be adding "theme days", blog topics covered on specific days. So if you have interest in a particular topic, make sure to check out the blog on that day.

"Marketing Monday" - Mondays will have posts to deal with everything marketing--Marketing strategy integration, overcoming marketing challenges, using social media to market your small business, marketing success stories, etc.

"Web Wednesday" - Wednesday's posts will coincide with our e-book series on website development and using the internet for other purposes for your small businesses. Tips for maintaining your website, using google analytics, social media topics, e-commerce, etc.

"Finance Friday" - Money, money, money! As a small business, one of your main goals is going to be to make money. Friday's posts and articles will deal with how to make money...everything from general entrepreneurial  advice, to beating out the recession, to success stories on how people made the $$$.

If a particularly relevant and timely article comes out, we will post it as well, but these 'theme days' will provide some consistency to our weekly blog posts!