Wednesday, July 6, 2011

5 Tips to Avoid the Pitfalls of Social Media

The economic world is learning that social media is becoming synonymous with business success. It has addressed the marketing needs of thousands of small businesses, offering a simple and effective way to connect to a global audience at a low price. However, there are many things to be wary of when having social media accounts for a small business.

It is very important that you designate either yourself or someone very trustworthy to manage these accounts, as the opportunity of social media is only as effective as the responsibility of the user to brand themself with class and positive company image.

This article from a cisco blogger identifies 5 of the most common pitfalls with a business, and offers advice on how to avoid them. Follow this link to the blog posting.

We also have a section on responsbility and security in our social media marketing e-book, coming soon!